As an administrator of a writing program, my objectives are to provide structure of practice, support the professional development of those who work with me, and maintain research that evaluates the effectiveness of my program in action. In the four years I have served as Co-Associate Director of the GSU Writing Studio, I’ve worked with scores of tutors and staff, partnered with external departments and programs, and maintained relationships with dozens of faculty and staff to make the writing community of the Studio possible.

Associate Director
Writing Studio, Georgia State University

  • Collaborate with Director and Co-Associate Director to develop pedagogy, policy, and training for staff of more than 30 Ph.D., M.A., and undergraduate tutors
  • Mentor tutors in ongoing research projects for the Writing Studio and for submission to academic conferences and publications
  • Prepare staff to manage the day-to-day operations of the writing center, including scheduling, faculty requests, and routine inquiries
  • Advocate Studio practice and pedagogy in communications with faculty, external departments, and administration
  • Liaise with Lower Division Studies to train Graduate Teaching Assistants, support First-Year Writing instruction, host Studio-LDS collaborative mentoring sessions, and present at GTA orientation
  • Develop and implement online video-based tutoring system, including maintaining tutor training on online tutoring practice
  • Collaborate with university programs and departments, including Writing Across the Curriculum program, Intensive English Program, and Office of Disability Services, among others
  • Coordinate payroll, tuition waivers, and contracts for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral tutors
  • Communicate with departmental and external parties to meet budgetary, logistical, and technology needs of the Studio

Instructor at University of Northern Colorado. Compositionist, rhetorician, husband, gamer, cat guy.

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