I seek to resolve a persistent challenge in writing center administration: decay of programmatic memory. Even though Muriel Harris has eloquently outlined the necessity for the administrators of writing centers and other writing programs to adopt the duty of programmatic research, that call has gone largely unanswered in our scholarship for nearly two decades. I answer this imperative with the creation, retention, and reiteration of the Reflective Center Archive Process, which is populated with a clear inventory of the data that matters to the historical and future operation of a writing center. The ReCAP organizes the past for review in the present, and then establishes a navigable plan for recording its future. The ReCAP is a new method designed not only to better organize and research the knowledge produced by a writing program locally, but also to enable the aggregation of data regionally and globally in support of the field’s search for replicability.


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Instructor at University of Northern Colorado. Compositionist, rhetorician, husband, gamer, cat guy.

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