Visual Rhetoric

I’ll continue to use the 8900 tag for my most recent class to feature use of my blog. Prior to January 2014, anything tagged 8900 will reference Computers and Writing class from Fall 2012. Going forward, expect content relevant to a Visual Rhetorics course.

Edit: Dr. Hocks has provided a much clearer way for me to to incorporate the Visual Rhetoric iteration of 8900, and I don’t know why I sought to make it harder on myself. Thus, all Visual Rhetoric posts will be prefixed … pause for dramatic effect … Visual Rhetoric.

Thanks, Dr. Hocks.


One thought on “Visual Rhetoric”

  1. Maybe just use a new tag – visual rhetoric – instead? I can see at the side what the recent posts are, in order, and dated archives, etc. so I can expect to see the new posts start to appear. But still, separate tags might help you later on too.

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